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Nestled amidst nature’s embrace, hobby farms represent more than just land—they reflect passion, dedication, and dreams

At FirstOntario Insurance Brokers, we recognize the heart and soul poured into every plot of land, every animal, and every harvest. That’s why we’ve tailored our Hobby Farm Insurance to protect your oasis from the unpredictable.

Whether cultivating a lush garden, nurturing livestock, or basking in the therapeutic ambiance of rural life, our insurance solutions offer the peace of mind that lets your passion thrive without bounds.

What is a Hobby Farm?

A hobby farm is a small-scale farm primarily operated for leisure, personal fulfillment, or supplemental income, not as a primary source of income.

These charming retreats allow individuals to raise animals, cultivate gardens for fruits and vegetables, or produce items like honey, all without the intent of full-scale commercial operation.

A large bush of greenery in the hands of a farmer on a hobby farm
Woman gardener watering plants with watering can in greenhouse on hobby farm

Why Insure Your Hobby Farm?

While a hobby farm can be a source of immense joy and pride, it also comes with unique risks. From unexpected weather conditions to potential accidents, various factors can affect the serenity and productivity of your land.

Hobby farm insurance provides a safety net, allowing you to pursue your passion without concern.

Why Choose FirstOntario Insurance Brokers for your Hobby Farm Insurance Coverage?

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We understand the distinct challenges and intricacies of hobby farming.

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Flexible Coverage

Every hobby farm has its unique requirements. Our policies cater to your specific needs, whether raising livestock, growing crops, or partaking in other farm-related endeavours.

Affordable Plans

Insuring your passion should come with a reasonable price tag. We offer competitive rates tailored for every budget.

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Dedicated Support

Our devoted team is here to assist, ensuring your claims are addressed promptly and with care.

Coverage Highlights

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Property Damage

Protect your farm buildings, machinery, and tools against potential damage or loss.

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Liability Protection

Cover costs if someone is injured on your property or if you’re liable for damages to others’ property.

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Livestock Coverage

Ensure your animals are protected against disease, accidents, or theft.

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Income Protection

Safeguard against loss of income due to covered perils that disrupt your hobby farm operations.

Tailor-made for Your Farming Passion

Whether you’re just starting or have been enjoying the hobby farm life for years, we cater to all sizes and types of hobby farms.

Whether you’re breeding a few horses, growing organic vegetables, or hosting farm-to-table events, we have a solution for you.

Woman in yellow rubber boots working in garden with rake leveling ground. Soil preparation for seeding and planting in her hobby farm

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